India Partnership Journey

12 mars 2023 - 16 mars 2023
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India Partnership Journey

12 mars 2023 16 mars 2023

India Partnership is a unique event to take you beyond and provide a deeper look at exploring India’s potential. This is an insightful insider’s journey specially designed by our highly connected Indian team.
If you are in a leadership position at a European or other foreign company or an investor contemplating new developments or a shift of portfolio toward India, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Participants will greatly enhance their understanding of India today and make outstanding Indian connections:

  • 2023 – perfect timing to Invest in India
  • Learn from success stories and field visits
  • Network with Indian top executives and investment facilitators

Journey Summary

  • Five day journey starting Sunday, March 12th in Delhi, ending Thursday, March 16th in Bangalore
  • Program emphasizes extensive networking events and field visits
  • Delhi focus: understanding government policy, doing business in India and industry visits
  • Bangalore focus: networking, technology, innovation, education and research
  • Fully escorted tour with detailed pre-post journey guidance provided to participants

Contact: Karlygash Abiyeva (

Discover the interviews of our X-PM India team

Interview of Ranjit Shastri, Managing Director at X-PM India
Seetha Chinnappa-Sarwal, Partner at X-PM India
Sushil Luniya, Management Consultant and Partner at X-PM India

Discover the detailed programme of the India Partnership Journey below


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