Interim management

A solution for your organisation

Meeting your challenges

With the constant changes in your environment, your organisation must adapt, change and transform. But you don’t always have the in-house skills to successfully deliver strategic projects on time. At X-PM, we have the solution that perfectly meets your need for flexibility.

We provide a highly qualified interim manager on a temporary basis, specialised in a particular function (CEO, CFO, HRD, CIO, etc.), industry or issue. Who is fully ready to implement the best strategy and action plan to meet your challenges.

When should you call on us?

Whether you are a large group, a start-up, an SME, a public organisation, an NGO or an investment fund. We quickly find the best resource in our pool of interim managers to fill in a vacant position, to lead a complex transformation project or to deal with a critical situation for your organisation.

How we work

A performance-driven approach

To successfully carry out the project you entrust to us, X-PM has developed an innovative approach to assess issues at stake and deliver scalable solutions to drive results. This method allows us to take into account the uncertainty of your environment to continuously review priorities and refocus them if necessary. It also ensures that the actions undertaken deliver the expected results and sets your internal teams in motion to get as many employees as possible on board and make them active and committed players.

The scoping stage

The purpose of this early stage is to assess the issues, risks and priorities of your project. The action plan and the project’s governance and results will also be defined.

Selecting the right interim manager

We select the most suitable interim manager from our pool so they can provide you with a fresh outlook, technical skills, specific know-how and interpersonal skills. This, combined with their leadership skills, will greatly contribute to the success of the project entrusted to us.

The rollout stage

This is where the action plan is implemented. The selected interim manager leads the different projects, ensures communication, provides you with regular progress reports and comes up with solutions to issues raised during the steering committees. The interim manager is assisted at all times by an X-PM partner.

The handover stage

The purpose of this stage is to transfer to your teams or to the interim manager’s future replacement all the documents and files related to the project. The final report, which will be presented to you at the debriefing meeting, will also contain recommendations to ensure the sustainability of the results achieved.

Moving towards an 'augmented' interim manager

Your project is managed by an X-PM partner. An experienced manager and expert in your industry, they will be in charge to drive your project to success. As a true mentor to the interim manager, they will be available to help you on a daily basis and increase your productivity by providing you with valuable advice.

Do you have a project to entrust to us? Depending on your needs and your industry, a highly qualified interim manager will support you in the success of your project.



Directrice du Pôle Digital manager de transition X-PM

Sophie F.

Digital Director / X-PM Interim Manager
Directeur de la Transformation manager de transition X-PM

Sofiane A.

Transformation Director / X-PM Interim Manager
Directrice générale manager de transition X-PM

Helena K.

Managing Director / X-PM Interim Manager
Directeur juridique manager de transition X-PM

Nathan A.

Legal Director / X-PM Interim Manager
Directeur des Opération manager de transition X-PM

William G.

Operations Director / X-PM Interim Manager

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