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WORKING TOGETHER for a successful and sustainable transformation

Sustainability has become a major challenge for institutions and companies alike. Business models must evolve to address environmental and social concerns. With regulations, CSR standards and the growing expectations of their industries, organizations need to innovate. Transforming constraints into opportunities and anticipating the future are now essential.

Timeline CSRD

A global approach to Impact

X-PM is the reference partner for its customers, helping them to manage each of their “Positive Impact” projects, promote their social performance across all their activities and industries, while supporting them in their environmental transition.

Operational expertise, an Impact-driven approach

Transition Managers are at the heart of our approach, providing fully operational, expert leadership. Qualified and assisted in their assignments by X-PM’s Partners, they embody our unique concept of “Augmented Transition Management”. A reliable team committed to ensuring the success of projects, based on hands-on experience and a thorough understanding of the global challenges faced by companies.

They understand and tackle your challenges and goals in order to create a pragmatic, high-performance roadmap that inspires the whole team.

They help you define a global framework and put it into action.

They provide you with the expertise you need to boost your organization’s performance while preserving its stability.

They oversee the implementation of your strategic decisions.


They share their knowledge and skills with operational teams and internal decision-makers.

They design and deliver tangible, measurable results.

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A dedicated Positive Impact Team!

Business and sector specialists

Do you have a project that requires our assistance? Would you like to join our team of interim managers?

X-PM met en place une équipe dédiée pour réussir les missions de management de transition.