Our industry expertise

Aerospace, Defence & Security

From the beginning, X-PM has assisted its clients in the Aerospace, Defence and Security industry in executing their strategic decisions, improvement projects, development plans or merger/integration operations, with proven and immediately available skills.

This team is made up of exceptional managers: former General Managers, Division/Branch Managers, Operations Managers, Project Managers or Functional Managers (Purchasing, Finance, etc.), all of whom have more than 20 years’ experience in the industry’s major groups. This knowledge of the industry, the skills and the hindsight they have acquired during their career and the missions they have carried out enable them to obtain the expected results as quickly as possible.

Extensive support

Some of our interim managers are experts in the Aerospace, Defence and Security



Managing the transformation project of a department


Restructuring the Spanish subsidiary of a specialist engineering company


Setting up the Operations Department of a global business unit


Improving the industrial performance of an aeronautical equipment manufacturer


Managing the integration of two merged "systems" entities


Define and implement a configuration management system for a complex systems manufacturer

The range of services offered by X-PM in this industry covers three areas:

X-PM’s assets: the expertise of specialist managers in the aerospace industry and their capacity to respond quickly.
In an industry faced with strong regulatory, security and economic constraints, the customer and supplier environments have many specificities.
X-PM provides its clients with the security of operations carried out by specialist managers who can respond quickly to a variety of geographical and operational situations.

● Managing a transformation programme
● Introducing disruptions in an organisation and its business practices
● Improve the productivity of an industrial site or a subsidiary
● Ensure the start-up and/or execution of a project or programme
● Turn around a programme in difficulty
● Reduce purchasing costs

Project & Programme Management
● Taking over critical projects
● Auditing and turning around a project
● Coaching project teams
● Managing the local support office for international projects

Strategy & Development
● Achieving diversification
● Auditing or integrating an external growth target
● Divesting an activity
● Deploy / take over operations abroad
● Turnaround of a business
● Defining and implementing an offsets programme

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