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Michel Dubosqueille

Photo de Michel Dubosqueille, Directeur Associé, Expert DSI - Transformation IT - Opération IT - Augmentation Digitale - Cybersécurité - Industrie

Michel Dubosqueille

ExpertisesDSI / IT Transformation / IT Operations / Digital Augmentation / Cybersecurity
PositionAssociate Director

Before joining X-PM in December 2019, Michel Dubosqueille began his career in IT project management at Duolite international, then held various positions at Rohm and Haas contributing to the globalization of information systems.

At Sperian Protection, as Vice President and Group CIO, he organized an IT department spread over three continents, with a specific focus on business intelligence. After the acquisition by Honeywell, he became global IT manager for the new Honeywell Safety BU.

Michel Dubosqueille continued his career with Gartner (IT and Digital Consulting for Executives) as Vice-President and Executive Partner, then Regional Vice-President where he headed the Executive Programs BU in France.

Michel Dubosqueille holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Reims, and an Executive MBA from ESCP.

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