Standardising HR processes in an international company

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Transformation / Reorganisation


A subsidiary of Orange, specialised in the sale, implementation and maintenance of front-office equipment for trading rooms, now wants to support its customers through the sale of high-value-added services. To take this strategic turn, it must hire over 50 people in a very short period of time.


To formalise HR management, especially abroad, before launching recruitments.


The project was led by one of our HR Transition Managers. To standardise the HR processes, he carried out the following actions:

  • Analyse country practices and compare them to market standards and Orange procedures
  • Describe a standard organisation, procedures to be appplied and the timetable of operations
  • Implement recommendations in England
  • Adapt for deployment in 2 other countries
  • Train a new recruit in charge of managing international operations
Illustration Expertise Harmoniser les processus RH d’une entreprise internationale - XPM


In less than 4 months, the company had an organisation capable of professionally introducing the new activity to the company.

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